NAO Tutorial: Installation

Installing NAOqi SDK and configure NAO with ROS 💾

Installing the SDK

  1. Make sure you have the following installed

  2. Download the following from Aldebaran Community website (you need to register an account in order to download the files)

    • pynaoqi-python-2.7-naoqi-2.1.2.x-linux64.tar.gz
    • naoqi-sdk-2.1.2.x-linux64.tar.gz
    • [optional] choregraphe-suite-[2.1.4 or 2.1.2].x-linux64.tar
  3. Execute the following command and replace 2.1.2.x with the version you downloaded

    Unzip the tar files

    $ mkdir ~/naoqi
    $ tar xzf <path to NAOqi C++ SDK>/naoqi-sdk-2.1.2.x-linux64.tar -C ~/naoqi/naoqi-sdk-2.1.2-linux64
    $ tar xzf <path to NAOqi Python SDK>/pynaoqi-python2.7-2.1.2.x-linux64.tar -C ~/naoqi/pynaoqi-python2.7-2.1.2-linux64

    Check the installation by executing NAOqi

    $ ~/naoqi/naoqi-sdk-

    You should see output similiar to

    Starting NAOqi version
    NAOqi is ready...

    Press CTRL-C to exit

    Now we need to add NAOqi SDK to system variables. Add the following lines at the end of ~/.bashrc

    $ export PYTHONPATH=~/naoqi/pynaoqi-python2.7-2.1.2-linux64:$PYTHONPATH
    $ export AL_DIR=~/naoqi/naoqi-sdk-2.1.2-linux64
    $ export AL_DIR_SIM=~/naoqi/naoqi-sdk-2.1.2-linux64

    Execute source ~/.bashrc to apply the changes

    Verify in python console

    import naoqi

    if correctly installed, there should be no error

Install ROS

Install NAO package for ROS

  • Install the packages needed

    • replace kinetic to your ROS version if needed

      $ sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-driver-base ros-kinetic-move-base-msgs \
      ros-kinetic-octomap ros-kinetic-octomap-msgs ros-kinetic-humanoid-msgs \
      ros-kinetic-humanoid-nav-msgs ros-kinetic-camera-info-manager \
  • Install the main package with sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-nao-robot

  • Install packages for robot control

    $ sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-nao-bringup ros-kinetic-naoqi-pose \
    ros-kinetic-nao-interaction ros-kinetic-nao-moveit-config \
    ros-kinetic-naoqi-driver ros-kinetic-naoqi-driver-py \
    ros-kinetic-naoqi-sensors-py ros-kinetic-nao-dcm-bringup \
  • Install packages for simulation

    Notice: to install nao_meshes package, you need to agree the policy sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-rospack ros-kinetic-nao-meshes

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